What Can Your Business Do With Extra

$5K, $25K or Even $250K?

Small Business Loans & Funding From

$5000 Upto $500,000


Small Business Loans & Funding Program

At CashforCapital, small business owners have access to working capital they need to grow their business. It is a simple form of business financing that can help you to get approved for a business cash advance or a small business loan fast and easily so you can you have the funds you need to grow your business.


The decision of approval is based on your business performance more than your own personal credit. Payback is simple. Based on your application, you will be determined to either pay a small percentage every day or every week or fixed on a monthly basis. Your payments are automatic & before you know it,  it's paid back - Which is awesome!


Above all, we are always there for you to help you whenever you need it.


We do not charge you to apply. Find out how much you can qualify for without any obligation.

Business Cash Advance

(For Bad Credit Borrowers)

(Minimum Time In Business: 6 Months)

A merchant cash advance, also known as a business cash advance, is financing based on your future credit card receivables. This type of merchant financing is repaid on a daily or weekly basis as a percentage of your credit card sales or a fixed amount. These funds can be used for anything. There are no restrictions on the usage of the funds. It's easy money.


$5000 Up to $250,000


Very Basic

Credit Score:

525+ (Bad Credit)

Approval & Funding:

3-7 Business Days (Approx)

Term Loan

(For Good Credit Borrowers)

(Minimum Time In Business: 1Year)

Does your business need money to purchase equipment, renovate, buy equipment or anything similar that can help you to grow your business? Short term loan is your solution if you have a good credit. Simply apply for a term loan and get approved within 24-48 hours & get funded within 2-3 business day. Get the money you need to grow your business.


$20,000 Up to $500,000


Basic - Detail

Credit Score:

660+ (Good Credit)

Approval & Funding:

3-7 Business Days (Approx)

Small Business Funding Program

Either you have a good credit or bad credit, we have a small business funding program to offer you.

It is FREE to apply. Our inhouse funding specialist are always there to assist you with the process.


We provide access to working capital to small businesses who have challenging credit & declined by the traditional banks.

Step 1: Apply Online

Apply online using our short and secure application. Just provide us with some basic business information and you should be done within minutes.

Step 2: Accept Your Terms

Once applied and provided all the information required to review your business performance, our lending specialist will contact you to confirm the information and review the terms with you.

Step 3: Funding - Direct Deposit

Once you have accepted your approved terms and conditions and accept your funding, your funds will be transfered into your bank account directly.



Flexible Funding

Flexible funding options let you pick various approved terms and conditions, amount of financing, repayment & more.


Need more capital to grow your business, buying inventor, for marketing or for any other reason, simply apply for more funding.

Bank Declined

Has your community bank or any traditional bank declined to provide you with a business loan? If Yes, Then this can be a good alternative.

Bad Credit OK!

Do not have good credit? No problem! At CashforCapital, we have a program for most credit type borrowers. Simply apply to find out.

Less Paperwork

Traditional loans and banks require too much of documentation and can take up to months to give a decision. If you like less paperwork, thenapply with us.

Fast Cash

Do you need access to the cash real fast? Then this is way to go. Less wait time and simply process can have cash in your account within days.


Dont Worry, We Can Help!

Have you been declined by the bank for a bank loan? You are not the only one. We work with businesses who have had a frustrating experiences with the banks and are sick and tired of uncertainity and frustration associated with the bank loan process. For a bank loan, you need everything to be perfect.


Good News!

We understand where you are coming from. We understand life happens & We can help. Simply apply and see what we can do for you!


Let's Get Started Now.

Get The Working Capital Your Need To Grow Your Business!

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Complete the application within few minutes and secure yourself the working capital that you have needed to grow your business.

Minimum Requirements

In order to get qualified to apply for one of our working capital financing, you must meet some of our minimum requirements.

Minimum of 12 Months Or More In Business (Operations)

Minimum $10,000 Or More In Sales Per Month & $130,000 Annually

Must be a US based business. Most US States are serviced.

FICO Score as low as 500 can be considered to qualify for funding.