Have You Been Declined By The Bank For A Business Loan? We Love Saying Yes!

Working Capital From

$5000 Upto $500,000


$5000 Upto $500,000

Business Financing From $5000 Upto $500,00.

No Colleteral Needed.

Fast Approval

Apply online for fast approval within 24-48 hours.

All Credit Type Acceptable

Got challenging credit? No problem. Go ahead and apply. Low FICO Score? No Problem.



Applying for a business loan with CashforCapital is easy & simple. You can easily qualify for a business financing if you meet the following minimum requirements.

FICO Score As Low As 500

Where have had a high success rate with FICO score as low as 550+, we have even worked with a credit score as low as 500. Don't judge your own credit, let us be the judge.

Minimum One Year In Business

You must have been in business for atleast one year or more in order to qualify for our program. You can still apply if you have been in business for atleast 8 months but you have higher chances of geting funded if its 1 year or more.

$10,000 Minimum Sales Per Month

In order to qualify for the funding, you must have at least $10,000 in sales per month or more. 



New Location

One of themost creative ways to use funding is by opening a new location. Improve existing location or build anything new or renovate.

Payroll Or Hire People

You can also use these funds to cover your payroll or even hire new people, sales team etc to have a direct impact on your business.

Boost Marketing

Marketing your business can have a direct impact on the growth of your business. Youc an use these funds to run marketing campaigns & more.

Buy Equipment

Buy equipment, instruments what ever you need that can help you to grow your business & attract more customers.

Buy Inventory

You can buy inventory, add new items, introduce new products. Anything that you think can help in increasing your sales and revenue.

 Anything To Grow 

Use the working capital to grow anything you want. Put your cash to work where you can get a better return, increase in sales & revenue.



Applying for a business loan with CashforCapital is easy & simple. Apply online, get proposal, agree to the terms & get more.

Step 1: Apply Online

Apply online using our short and secure application. Just provide us with some basic business information and you should be done within minutes.

Step 2: Get Proposal - Rate Sheet

Once applied and provided all the information required to review your business performance, our lending specialist will contact you to confirm the information and present you with a proposal that will have all the information such as fees, amount approved, duration & other details.

Step 3: Payback

Payback is automatic. As agreed in step 2, a fixed payment or a percentage of the payment will be deducted either directly from your bank account or via other form of payment account based on the agreed payback.

Step 4: Need More Cash - Renew

Need more cash for any reason? Once you have paid back a certain number of payments, you will be eligable to apply for more. Just give us a call.

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Minimum Requirements

In order to get qualified to apply for one of our working capital financing, you must meet some of our minimum requirements.

Minimum of 12 Months Or More In Business (Operations)

Minimum $10,000 Or More In Sales Per Month & $130,000 Annually

Must be a US based business. Most US States are serviced.

FICO Score as low as 500 can be considered to qualify for funding.